How to protect your motorcycle – detailed instruction with photos

Of course, we all love our bikes and we want that they will looks amazing. But there are no bikers whom is not falt. If you fall on motorcycle then usually this is mean that you need to spend a lot of money and also you may not continue your ride. It’s good idea to protect your bike with some extra tools which will take all damage on them.

I’ve used a lot of them and can suggest you the best solutions. 

Dempfer - anti wobbling tool

You can save motorcycle and yourself with the help of dempfer. If you are riding on the bad road, sometimes motorcycle can get wobbling – and your wheel will go from left to right so fast, that you will not be able to control bike.

Dempfers can be electronic, active and passive. Make sure that your bike don’t have something like this already installed. For example my Yamaha R1 2009 coming with electronic dempfer. Here is example of electronic dempfer on my Yamaha R1 2009:

Grips sliders - anti wobbling and head frame protection

You can add sliders to the grips: they protect your top part of the bike and also decrease the wobbling effect. Handle bar grips is a cheap and very easy way to improve your safety and motorcycle protection:

Frame Sliders - main tool to save your fairing, engine and frame

The main damage will be on your side part. This is very important because if you will damage the engine, then you will not be able to continue the ride. So this is my number 1 pritority and I always put the sliders to the engine area. Usually you have to make the whole on the side plastic, and just take out the default engine screw.

They can be universal or made especially for your bake. In most cases you have to drill hole at the fairing for sportbikes. The sliders which were made especially for your bike model can go with adapters to avoid the drilling the fairing.

I never used such special sliders and just drill the fairing – this is easy, fast and cheap way to install the slider and it looks not so bad 🙂

Frame slider - extra protection to your frame

For extra protection I always add slider to the hole in bottom of the frame. To attach slider in this place I just need a threaded rod, which you can buy on the hardware store. After this put it on the hole, and attach sliders to it with the help of 2 nuts.

As you can see from the picture on the right side – such sliders does a great protection to the clutch cap.

This is not so popular solution, but I preffer to put any extra protection, especially if this is easy and doesn’t expensive.

TransFagarasan, Romania – long trip on Yamaha R1 2009 from Odessa

Why Transfagaran?

I’ve already been on Transfagaran on my Car, but I always dreamed to drive on this amazing roads on the bike.

In July 2018, finaly, this dream comes true. 3 my friends and decided to visit this area on our bikes from Odessa. The road destination is about 700km and contains 2 borders (Ukraine – Moldova, Moldova – Romania).

This is one of the most beautiful mountains roads of the Europe, and Jaremy Klakrson from Top Gear told that this is the best road in the World! Check out this smal part of the video from the Top Gear:

Play Video

Is it always open?

No, usually it’s open for the summer time: from the middle of June to September (3 months per year). But it can be closed due to the bad weather or rockfalls.

Don’t try to visit this place if the road is closed – first of all you will see blocks on the road and even if you will go over them, then you can take a very dangereous trip due to the avalanches and rockfalls.

Where it's located?

It’s about 3 hours to the north from the Bucarest – the capital of Romania. Not so far, but I suggest to stay at the evening somethere near the mountains, so in the morning you will start the trip – this is the most beautiful time to explore the Transfagarasan mountains.

The mountain road is about 100km, but there is lot of traffic, and I promise, that you will made a lot of stops, to take a picture or just to take a rest of these amazing views. So this 100km can take about 4-5 hours.

My 'travel' motorcycle

I don’t have a second bike, so I’ve ride my Yamaha R1 2009. I didn’t make any special modifications – only put the cigarette lighter and bought a cheap gps navigator, so I will not use my phone.

 I’ve already had experience with using my phone as navigator – first of all you should care about it, because people can steal it if you will leave it. Also it’s getting hot if you ride on the sunny day.

For me, the easiest way was to attach used GPS for 20$, which was sold after this trip for the same money.

For my clothes I’ve attached a tank bag with magnets and usuall bag on the rear seat, which was attached by the bungee cord.

Let's start!

We started at 9am. The first 200km were really hard – it was Moldavian part of this trip and the road quality is really bad, especially for sportbike.

Once we arrived to Romania, the road got better, but I was already tired 🙂 We made stops each 200km to drink water and to fill our tanks. The average fuel consumption on my Yamaha R1 2009 is about 6,5 L / 100 km, so the maximum distance which I can go on one tank is about 300 km.

At the evening we arrived to the Mountains and stayed at the hotel. It was a good time, because I’ve drived sportbike for 10 hours and it’s amazing to get a beer and warm home-made food after such long and not comfortable trip.

In the morning we continued our trip and this is best time to visit transfagarasan, because there are not so much traffic and people. Be aware – these are dangerous mountains and on the road you can meet horses, rocks, tourists and snow 🙂 So don’t drive too fast in the blind turns.

Gas stations on tranfagarasan

There are no gas stations on transfagarasan, so you shouldn’t forget to fill your tank fully before the mountains. My bike used about 14 liters per 100 km, so after the mountains my tank was empty for 70%!

Hotels on the transfagarasan

There are a lot of hotels directly on the mountains, so you can order them by booking or just stay and ask for free rooms. 

I like the hotel on the top of the mountains, in front of the small lake. It has a restaurant on the first floor and has a nice view from the windows. The price was about 40$ per night. It is not placed on the road, so if you go through the tunel and see a street market, then you arrived to the top of the mountain and the hotel will be on the left of the lake.

Price level in Romania

Romania is a great for traveling because it’s also very cheap:

  1. Hotel – from 20$
  2. Food – from 4$
  3. Gasoline – cheaper then other countries for 25%
  4. Road fee – about 7$ for week (free for motorcycles)

Back trip to home

If you need to return back, then of course you can just go through Transfagarasan, but I suggest to check another great road which is placed on the left of this road and called Transalpina.

This road is also placed on the mountains, has a lot of picturesque views and has a better road quality, so I’ve enjoyed and appreciated this, due to my R1 hard suspension.

After such great day we stayed in the Bucharest, but only for one night. If you have more time, then I suggest to stay here for at least as 1 day. We got wet during the ride and we spent half of the day to dry all our equipment. We had time only to enjoy the night life of this city.

The next day we spent to get home and unfortunately there are no beautiful places from Bucharest to Odessa, so we just enjoyed our ride on the bikes and thought about the meaning of the life 🙂

This is one of my best memory from the summer 2018, and I strongly recommend to travel by your bike, especially if you have a company – this is a great time and experience which you will not be able to feel from the car.

My equipment

Alpinestars SMX-1 R - best motorcycle riding boots

 On my feet was Alpinestars SMX-1 R. These short boots are really good solution which will protect your feet on such warm weather. At the end of the day I didn’t feel like I was on the motorcycle boots, because they have a great ventilation system.

I wore the Knee protection Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guard. I really like these cheap knee guard – even after the 8 hours on the road, there was no discomfort. To protect my skin from the sun, I’ve put this knee guard under the light travel pants which have an option to be as shorts (they have zip line on the knee level), so I’ve just open this zip line on the half and I got a great air flow plus sun protection.

On the top was my favorite Alpinestars Bionic Tech. I couldn’t find this model, so probably you can check the Alpinestars Bionic Tech v2 which should be even better than first version. I really like this solution for the summer, because in the case of cold weather (or rain) you can easily put on some jacket (or waterproof jacket) over this protection and continue comfort ride in the safe.

My head was protected by Shoei GT AIR. I always had problems with my helmets, and before this one I had a Schuberth, which was not comfortable and not so quiet. Once I’ve tried GT Air – I loved it, because it’s very comfortable, had sunglasses, great air flow and very quiet.

My ears were pleased by music from my smartphone and the China bluetooth headset FreedConn TCOM-SC which is already 3 years old and it still works perfectly. I had old version without led display. It’s really amazing that such old and cheap thing worked about 8 hours each day, so I was with music all day long.